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Texas Rehab Centers

Texas Drug Rehab Centers

The River Source Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is where quality, patient-centered care meets affordability. Our Texas alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers use a holistic approach as the foundation of our treatment program in order to treat all aspects of the individual – mind, body and spirit – and allow our patients to successfully recover from addiction.

Texas Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

The River Source’s alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs offer Texas residents a comfortable environment that is nurturing yet disciplined. Using a balance of traditional therapies, naturopathic medicine and holistic healing, our staff is able to provide comprehensive care that is essential for lifelong recovery.

We strengthen the mind by providing individual and group therapy sessions. We are sensitive to the various mental struggles that many of our patients suffer from, including depression, PTSD, learning disorders, brain injuries, gender issues, stress and anxiety.

We strengthen the body by teaching our patients how to de-stress using meditation exercises, strength training and yoga. We also implement an effective detoxification program that rids the body of toxins, drugs and alcohol. Massage therapy and proper nutrition are also fundamental in allowing the body to heal.

We strengthen the spirit by implementing the 12-step program, regular meetings and meditation. We also provide life coaching to renew the spirit and teach our patients how to live in society without their dependency.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab Texas

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan that is carefully crafted by our professional team of doctors, nurses and therapists. This individualized plan takes into account the unique needs of each patient and also teaches our patients lifelong tools to manage drug and alcohol recovery during aftercare and beyond.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment Rehabilitation Centers In Texas

The River Source offers two locations in Arizona: one in Mesa and the other in the cozy confines of Casa Grande. Both facilities are convenient for Texas residents and include an approximate 2 hour flight. Our treatment centers are an ideal choice for Texas residents who are battling a drug or alcohol addiction and need to remove themselves from the stress and pressure of their current environment, while keeping within the boundaries of home. Call The River Source today at 1-888-403-7380.